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Collecting Beautiful Moments 

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Adventure and chaos from a pack of misfits



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This could be your family and pets!


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Hello, we're the Land of Misfits! 

First off welcome to our page! A group of misfits that somehow found each other in this crazy world. This page will highlight our adventures, photography, product partners, and more! The "leaders" of this land are Ann and Jordyn. We were just a couple of misfits that bounded over our love for animals, photography, art, and zest for adventure. Over 2 years strong our land has grown to include many different and new friends that needed a home. Outside of our adventures together we are both Speciality ER Vet Techs so animal care and knowledge is something that is very dear and important to us! To learn more about us go to the bio page for all the misfits! We hope you join us on our adventures! 

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