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Product Spotlight Life for Pawz

We are proud to feature Life for Pawz as our product spotlight! Life for Pawz is family run bandanna company based in Texas. They make reversible top quality bandannas for your fury friends. Life for Pawz prides themselves on making the same quality and artistic style that we want in our own clothes for our four pawed life partners. They are a mother daughter crew that took to this after needing an outlet of expression. Their father/husband started having chronic migraines which drastically affected the family, he had to quit his job and needed help with basic life tasks. Obviously anyone in this situation would be experiencing a range of emotions like he was. His doctor suggested getting a service dog. This is when Kip came into the family's life. Kip is a great partner and aid to his life, helping him in his day to day tasks and gave the whole family a new hope. This is when the mother daughter duo sought to create this passion project. They wanted a way to thank all animals for all they do for each of their owners and raise awareness to others about how much animals touch and change our lives. And thus Life for Pawz was born! Now it has grown into a family business, all of them chip in. They have expanded their market now offering dog tags, human apparel, and more. This family took fear and instead of letting it control their lives built a beautiful business to honor our fur babies! If this business couldn't get any better with every order they take a portion of that and buy food to donate to local animal shelters. Below is the link to their site and social media, go check them out!

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1 Comment

Jan 20, 2023

There so adorable!

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