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Product Spotlight: SeaFlower Co

We are proud to have SeaFlower Co as our product spotlight! SeaFlower Co is small business run by the lovely April and her furry assistant Bailey. She makes collars, leashes, and harnesses that are meant for the rough and toughest fury friends in style. April pulls most of her inspiration from the ocean, she studied Marine Biology and has had a lifelong passion for the seas. Before her creation of SeaFlower Co she worked at an animal shelter working with dogs this is where she met her partner for life Bailey. April fell in love with working with the "less adoptable dogs" because they would get overlooked by the public. She understood that some dogs just needed more time to adjust and feel comfortable opening up the world. She dedicated the rest of her time there making sure that these dogs personalities got expressed to possible adopters; she did this by taking these dogs out in the community and taking photos of them being the silly goofy dogs they truly were. Shortly after this in 2019, April discovered how hard it was to find durable gear that expressed her girl Bailey's personality. Thus SeaFlower Co was born! April started as a part time hobby and then it has grown in the wonderful SeaFlower Co! She plans to keep expanding and furthering her business as the tide takes her!

For those interested in we definitely suggest checking out SeaFlower Co! We have provided the links to her socials and websites below. Not only does she have wonderful patterns for her products she also offers Bio Thane! April also has Fi compatible gear as well. And you've seen our two dog kids and trust me when I saw they are tough on gear, but SeaFlower has definitely kept up with them. So it is Misfit approved!

-Jordyn, Ann, and The Land of Misfits

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