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Welcome to the Land of Misfits! We are a group of misfits that have found each other in this crazy world. It started with me (Hi I'm Jordyn! One of the writers of this page), I adopted the first two Misfits Alice and Cheshire where it all started. I grew up on a farm in Ohio; I grew up riding horses ( mainly western style barrel racing for the win!), growing up I had large dogs, barn cats, rabbits, turtles, parrots, and the occasionally fish. So basically I grew up loving animals my whole life and never felt complete without them. After high school I bounced around with degrees (young me never really knew what I wanted to do) during that time I didn't have any pets cause responsibility and stable living. When I finally settled down I adopted the first two misfits Alice and Cheshire(aka Cheshy) and had two turtles re-homed to me. During that time I started working in pet merchandise and expanded into marine biology. I worked on breeding bettas, pea puffers, and even had axolotls! After that the next two misfits came along Eevee and Jade! Then I switched into pet care and sitting; it was during that time the first canine came into my life....Kai. Kai was my first dog that was actually my own and shortly after that I went fully into veterinary medicine. That was when I fell in love with the field and never looked back! During my time at my first veterinary practice I had my first two foster fails, I welcomed Frida the legless turtle and Mochi the bonus cat into my home. About a year into this profession I met my person and partner for life Ann (the other write and owner of this page). We bonded over our love for animals and our personalities just meshed in the perfect way. At this time Kai's reactivity spiked to an all time high and really pushed our relationship into a tricky spot. But thank god for Ann's animal experience and patience! Ann worked in animal rescue at the time with specialty in behavior. She put time and endless hours into Kai and their relationship blossomed. Kai became Ann's heart dog and while Kai loves me in his own way the two of them are meant to be! During this time we moved in together and expanded the Land of Misfits! I moved into Emergency Veterinary medicine and put time into expanding my knowledge into my career. We got our wonderful pastel clown morph ball python Kaa, our rescue bearded dragon Morty (who's partner was Rick he was re-homed to my mother who is a reptile enthusiast and puts endless hours of care into him!), and started our numerous freshwater tank collection. Shortly after that Ann brought Winnie home (the story of her will be in another blog) she was a baby puppy from work and quickly became a huge place in our hearts. Sadly, Winnie crossed the rainbow bridge too soon. We had a huge hole in our heart from losing our girl and Kai was devastated. We honestly weren't ready to bring another baby into our life, but Kai was severely depressed and not our crazy boy. We went out and found a puppy up for adoption, at the visit she had the same color and markings as our Winnie baby we knew it was fate and brought her home! That was where Athena joined our family. Shortly after adopting her Ann joined me in the Veterinary field and started working at my job; now we get to work emergency medicine together. As our time working together progressed, Ann got back into her photography. Photography was her passion and Athena really rekindled that spark. So we started documenting our adventures with them and from there on our

social media and travel bug started biting. So here we are documenting the journey and stories of our wonderful weird misfit adventures! Join us for the ups, downs, weird, wacky adventures of a group of misfits that love each other and have banded together in this crazy world!


Jordyn, Ann, and The Misfits

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Ashley Hale
Ashley Hale
24 avr. 2023

this is AMAZING & such a beautiful cause. I’m so so incredibly happy for you guys, live your dreams & keep us updated on your adventures together!❤️


20 janv. 2023

Awesome, can't wait for the daily news and adventures.

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